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Cigarette companies to provide 4 measure marks on each stick to prevent fights between Engg. students while sharing it

10, Oct 2018 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai: One of the greatest problem faced by the engineering students is the sharing of a cigarette proportionately. Many permutations and combinations are tried by friends, but there are fights and abuses on a regular basis.


Same happened in Ram Bharose Engg college. Few friends in the Mechanical batch had a habit of smoking and were fighting on a regular basis whenever the issue of sharing a cigarette took violent turns. But they won’t face any issue now onwards as ByeTC has launched a new variant of their cigarettes. These cigarettes will have measurement marks to count precisely the number of drags taken by each friend while they are sharing a cigarette stick.

ByeTC had done some research outside all engineering campuses and found that most fights happen on cigarettes. Till now people thought that other than the Mechanical branch, all students fight for girls, but the survey has been an eye-opener. ByeTC then changed its process to make the new type of cigarettes with measurement marks.

In fact, ByeTC has been nominated for the Nobel peace prize for this great invention for humanity.