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Citizens concerned that increased IT exemption limit will take away their rights to boast and crib

20, Jun 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. The possibility of the new government hiking the IT exemption limit to 5 lakh has surprisingly not gone well with many people currently earning between 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs per year.

While some are happy over prospects of increased income and savings, others, especially those living in urban areas and active on internet, have blasted the government for being insensitive by making them feel poorer.

“This is just not done!” an IT professional from Gurgaon earning 4.8 lakhs per annum told Faking News, “My first job was where my income was not in taxable bracket. I used to feel so small! Thankfully I moved up the ladder and now the government is planning to do this! How can I flaunt saying ‘is baar toh 30000 tak ka advance tax bhar diya’ in front of my juniors? And how can my parents flaunt about it in front of neighbors?”

A despondent and furious man earning less than 5 lakhs, who feels angry about not being able to criticize govt on Twitter and Facebook now.
A despondent and furious man earning less than 5 lakhs, who feels angry about not having the right to criticize govt on Twitter and Facebook now.

“This is very embarrassing,” he continued “It’s like your girlfriend saying ‘let’s be just friends again’! In fact, I feel like a person below poverty line. I doubt if my parents would be a able to find a match for me now. Is this the achche din the government promised?”

Apart from their social status, many are concerned about the effect this move will have on their Twitter and Facebook status updates. They fear that this is a government conspiracy to snatch their rights to crib and abuse them.

“Every time they would do something silly, as reported by news channels, I’d demand my taxes back. I’d ask them to stop wasting taxpayer’s money. But what will I say now? They will ask me to shut up as I won’t be able to pay taxes!” a sales executive with 67900 tweets and 143 followers expressed his deepest fears.

However there are some people who reject such fears as they feel that one doesn’t really need to be a law abiding or a tax paying citizen to lambast the government.

Bhai when a moron like KRK can do it even after being a burden on the nation, why can’t I?” said a hockey player who manages to mint 1,80,000 rupees per year.

Meanwhile, many have decided to take up part time jobs and work overtime to pull themselves up to continue being the tax paying bracket, in case government goes ahead with the proposal.