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Clothing companies welcome tons of clothes torn on Holi

27, Mar 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Apparel manufacturing and selling companies have welcomed the practice of disfiguring and discoloring various pieces of clothing such as shirts, trousers, banyans, underwear, etc. on the eve of Holi, and have claimed that were ready to replace these in coming weeks.

“We have these ready in our stocks. In fact, we always keep them ready as we see a hike in sales after Holi. Who says only Diwali is pro-business?” an official representing Rupa underwear-banyan told Faking News.

Holi festivities
Clothing-friendly Holi is usually celebrated on educational institutes. Picture courtesy.

Industry experts claim that many people buy new clothes, especially t-shirts and banyans, after Holi.

“A common misconception is that new clothes are bought only on Diwali or around New Year, but common sense and sales figure confirm that Holi is another reason occasion to buy clothes,” an expert revealed.

The apparel companies conceded that they missed a chance to egg people to play Holi by tearing off each other’s clothes rather than by using water.

“We should have joined this ‘waterless Holi’ bandwagon, and requested people to play ‘from clothed to cloth-less Holi’ and save water,” a store manager of Lifestyle rued the missed opportunity.

“Many of these kanjoos consumers won’t buy new clothes if their old ones were not torn on Holi,” the manager added, “Industry is really happy to see this tradition continuing, and we hope that no one raises a voice against kurta-phaad Holi and other such traditional variants.”

Sources say that clothing brands are planning to launch Holi special series from next year onwards to preempt any group from starting a campaign to stop the tradition of tearing off clothes.

“A special range of clothes to be worn and torn only for the Holi day,” brand manager of Amul Macho confirmed, “Premium range of clothes that are torn bade aaraam se while playing Holi.”

When asked why someone would buy premium range of clothes only to get those torn within minutes, the manager explained, “See, Holi is the only festival where you can’t easily flaunt your wealth, as everyone gets colored with the same brush. We hope that the premium range of Holi clothes would change that.”