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Colaba resident gets heart attack when asked to voluntarily opt out from cooking gas subsidy

01, Jul 2015 By harsh

Mumbai. Mr. Mehta, a known businessman from south Mumbai had a minor heart attack yesterday. He has a reputation of strong willed person who takes good care of his health and bank accounts. From a small trader to the owner of medium sized manufacturing unit, Mr. Mehta has seen it all in last 30 years.

55 year old Mr. Mehta lives in his Colaba residence (Extra posh location in south Mumbai) with his parents, wife and 2 children. Apart from his business he takes keen interest in Tennis, Chamber of Commerce, and Macro economic situation of India.

Mr Mehta resides here
Mr Mehta resides here

Being a businessman, he is aware of how shortage of infrastructure hurts growth of enterprise. Poor road & power situation were the main reasons why he was finding it hard to beat China in other markets. He also blames bad regulations and massive corruption in government for lack of strong manufacturing sector in India.

Mr Mehta frequently visits seminars & campuses in Mumbai and abroad to express his views on various issues related to Indian economy. Yesterday he was addressing MBA students in GetRichQuick Institute of Management. He chose to speak about how various subsidies given by government were only fulfilling short term political objectives and not building nation on long term. Lots of wasteful expenses by government should be stopped and diverted to building infrastructure. He also stressed that subsidies if at all needs to be given It should be very focused and targeted to poor section.

Everything was going exceptionally well until Q&A session. One of the student from the back benches asked Mr. Mehta about his views on Voluntary opting out on gas subsidy. He also asked if Mr. Mehta had already opted out from receiving subsidized Gas cylinders at his home?

This was enough to infuriate Mr. Mehta to the core. He first asked the student his marks and ranking in the class before telling him not to give lectures before even completing his education. Mr. Mehta told that the world outside is too hard and he will find out himself once he will start earning (in case he gets placement in the gloomy economy).

He also pointed out that 12 cylinders/year is not enough for any family, and there is no point in giving up money which theoretically belongs to him, as he was one of the tax payers.

After giving short reply, Mr. Mehta took his Audi A8 and asked his driver to drive him home. On the way his mind was still going through the implications of giving up 167/- per cylinders. He found this situation uncomfortable before he felt little pain building up in his chest. His driver took him to hospital and saved his life. Mr. Mehta’s condition is better now and he is out of any danger.

Indian economy many take some time to recover though.