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IT companies approve "Work from queue" for employees till 31st of December

17, Nov 2016 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi: The IT Companies Association of India (ITCAI) has reportedly passed a directive to all the IT companies, according to which, employees are now eligible for working from queues outside the ATMs or deposit counter in a bank. This decision was taken after employees started spending half their time in queues outside banks and other half lying about standing in the queues when they were sleeping at home.

Don’t get scared if you see them in front of you in a queue

Speaking to Faking News, the association president Mr. Bannerjee said, “After analyzing the current situation where people are standing outside ATMs for hours to get their two thousand rupees, we have taken this decision to ensure business continuity. Employees are clearly wasting time doing nothing when they’re standing in line. While we completely understanding the pain they are going through and regret it from the bottom of our hearts, we can’t compromise productivity at the same time.”

“All companies will now distribute platform-vendor styled mobile desks, with ample amount of space for placing the laptop. One can stand in the queue and work comfortably after putting on this equipment”, Mr. Bannerjee said as he gave more details about the newly devised equipment to tackle productivity while standing in queues.

However, the IT fraternity was not very pleased with the distribution of WFQ equipment (Work From Queue). “Queues give us a chance to instantly have a conversation with someone who might be interested. This might turn into longer conversation followed by better future prospects. With WFQ devices around our necks, general public might think we are black money holders manipulating something on a computer or maybe distributing free peanuts”, an upset IT engineer told Faking News.