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IT company decides to put the 'Attendance swipe machine' at the suttawala shop as people spend more time there

06, Sep 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Bengaluru: NASSCOM is worried about the future of the workforce it represents. It feels the industry is not doing enough to protect the interest of its employees. Employees interest lies in cigarettes, with the growing cost of living, they are hardly left with any money to buy them. Though many IT companies have forgotten to ‘acknowledge’ the hard work their engineers put in throughout the year, there is still some hope as we witnessed in front of Manyata Tech Park in Bengaluru.


Srivastava Tech services, better known as (STS) has installed its attendance swipe machine near the suttawala outside its main gate. It’s not a surprise that IT employees spend the majority of their time at the Pan shops and come to the office only for a limited time. Even when they come to the office, most of them forget to swipe their I cards on the attendance machine, so the STS HR department came up with this plan to help the employees. It will be more convenient for employees to just swipe their card near the pan shops as they spend the majority of the day there.

The suttawalas will definitely be compensated an amount to keep the machine on their premises. Most of the employees have welcomed this decision. This will be a blessing in disguise for employees who don’t reach their office at all or maybe they actually don’t want to come to the office. They can simply swipe the card at the suttawala shop, smoke a cigarette and go back home.

More and more IT companies will follow the example set by STS and revolutionize the work-life balance concept for the employees.