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IT company finds HR team is the only team which has given very good rating on work-life balance

10, Jun 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: During the post analysis of the recently concluded appraisal cycle data, the IT company found only the HR team has given very good rating on work-life balance parameter, while rest of the teams have given poor or very poor rating on same parameter.

The company director, R. Saravanan whiles speaking to us said, “We did a 360-degree appraisal process across the company, which means we did not judge only our employees how they are doing on different parameters. We allowed our employees to give feedback on their manager, how they feel about the company. In the list of questionnaires that was sent to them, there was one on vital ‘work-life’ balance.”

“We outsourced this activity to a third paryt and assured our employees their feedback will remain anonymous. What I have in front of me of is consolidated feedback team wise. It is shocking for me to note, work-life balance feedback from most of the teams have come as ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’ rating, whereas only HR team has given ‘excellent’ ratings which is 10 on 10,” said Mr. Saravanan.

Mr. Saravanan added, “My responsibility is not only to present this consolidated feedback to top management, but also put a plan what action we must take to improve the morale of our employees. With such complete ‘opposite’ feedback, I had to dig deep and see what’s happening on ground.”

“During my ‘research’ I found, HR team takes all their leaves including ‘sick’ leaves on time, prefers to work from home most of the days. Our IT admin gave me some data. The ratio between their attendance hours at desk vs overall time spent at office, lowest by long margin in the company. However, the cafeteria person or the chai-wallah standing outside gate told me they do prefer to spend lot of their quality time there,” said Saravanan.

“What I like about the HR team is, irrespective of poor work-life balance at office, they have never missed to give ‘lecture’ on work-life balance during soft-skill training sessions. In every function organized at office, they have coerced techies to participate ‘whole heartedly’. It’s altogether different matter, techies have stretched extra hours after functions, many times till early morning next day to deliver on commitments to customers,” said Saravanan.