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IT company opens 500 jobs for engineers; looking for freshers with 2 years experience

24, Jan 2018 By Akash Vadera

The IT giant Mofosys has recently announced that it has opened 500 jobs for engineers all over India. Following this a wave of joy flew amongst all the engineers who were struggling to find jobs in their field. However, it is rightly said that there are no free lunches. There was a catch to this announcement made by Mofosys. Although it has announced 500 jobs, it will only recruit freshers having 2 years of work experience.maxresdefault (3)

Bewildered by this unusual requirement; hundreds of engineers gathered around Mofosys headquarters in Pune. However, the upper management didn’t pay any heed to their questions. We got hold of one engineer who was protesting outside Mofosys headquarters and here’s what he had to say “This is not the first time that Mofosys has crushed our hopes. Last year, it announced that it has opened 300 jobs and recruitment would be done through pool placements in campus. So we prepared for a whole week and went for the interview. When the interview process started, the HR told us that only those candidates having 25 years of work experience are eligible to apply for the role. The oldest candidate present on campus was 22 and half years old. No doubt no one could apply and the company was a wash-out. I just want to ask these IT companies if your requirement is Mexican Cuisine then why do you call candidates who can barely even make Vada Pav” Disappointment of not being able to get jobs makes students come up with such unusual analogies. We talked to another protester and here’s what he had to say “I’m not an engineer. And I am not even protesting. I am an employee of the company and I have been trying to get inside since morning but these protesters aren’t letting me.”

The company management has decided not to address these protests that have been going on for the last 4 days. Experts are saying that the management is waiting for the weekend so that these engineers stop the protest to go at their usual drinking places. Whatever the management decides, these unrealistic expectations by companies are surely lighting a spark amongst unemployed engineers and it is not long before some engineer actually fits the requirement and reaches the interview.