Company to organize parents-boss meeting on the lines of parents-teacher meet to discuss employees' performance before appraisal

25, Nov 2014 By idiot420

Bangalore. Tech giant Dinosys has decided to organize parents-boss meeting on the lines of parents-teacher meeting to discuss employees’ annual performance before the final salary appraisal.

Company’s decision is being seen as a step towards achieving CEO Narayan Shankar’s aim of increasing involvement of employees’ parents in career progression of employees.

Let your parents come, will tell them everything.

“Involvement of parents in the whole process will create a performance pressure on employees. This will not only keep them on track, but will also be beneficial from the company’s point of view,” explained Dinosys chief Narayan Shankar, appealing Indian parents to not lose hope once their children join a mass recruiter.

“They should keep track of their children’s performance even after school and college. Many people rise high in their career despite being in an IT services company,” he added.

Invitation letters have been mailed to the parents of most of the employees. Those who are unable to attend the meeting will be having a video chat with their children’s bosses over the Skype.

While parents are feeling elated by the feeling of attending the meeting, employees on the other hand are almost terrified.

Pratyush Sinha, a senior Java developer fears that he might get slapped by his father in front of his boss.

“I have already missed 2 deadlines in my current project and the most important thing, a couple of days back, my boss had seen me smoking,” a frightened Pratyush confessed.

Reportedly, parents of employees, who will fail to get good feedback and appraisal, will receive a copy of every cold mail which bosses of their children send to them.

“Presence of parents in Cc recipients list will make sure that after returning from office, employee will get an appropriate call from home,” said Manoj Mishra, a team lead working for Dinosys.

Meanwhile, father of Anurag, a Dinosys employee with four years of experience, is eagerly waiting for the meeting. Sources confirm that in the parents-boss meeting, he plans to ask as to how his friend’s son got an onsite opportunity in the third year of his career while Anurag was still in India.

“He must be doing something wrong. I will ask his boss to not hesitate to beat him up if he is not doing his work properly,” Anurag’s father told Faking News.