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Conference room inaugurated at Bengaluru airport so that out of town clients can avoid traffic

31, Oct 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: IT companies have taken a clue from PM Modi’s smart time management technique which he showed during his recent trip to Bengaluru. IT city is known all over the world for having some iconic traffic jams. PM Modi found a way to cross the hurdles by addressing the BJP party workers close the HAL airport where he landed, thereby avoiding the need to travel inside the city.


“In two hours, I cannot cover even 2 kilometers here, PM covered his Bengaluru trip. Amazing, is not it? That’s why I proposed to my colleagues in IT industry, let us have some conference rooms near airport only. So that, we deal with clients coming from far off places then and there. Should not hassle clients by asking them to come inside the city which is already choked,” said R. Shridhar, head of a real estate brokerage firm known for leasing office work spaces to IT companies.

Mr. Shridhar added, “We inaugurated couple of such conference rooms today. You cannot believe the demand for it. We give for 2 hours maximum for one client, still there are no vacancies till end of next year. Not even on Saturday, Sundays or Public holidays. Looking at the insatiable demand, we are planning to add at least a hundred more such rooms by end of this month.”

When we asked Mr. Shridhar what about IT company employees, they have to travel to airport to have meetings with their respective clients, what about them? Mr. Shridhar said, “Do employees in IT companies have any choice? In these recession times, whenever & wherever companies ask their employees to go, they will go.”

We met Vijay Sobani, a project manager with IT firm who has boarded an overnight bus to go to airport. “My client meeting is at 7 AM. Last time I started on my own around 3 AM, missed the meeting. That’s why boarded an overnight bus. I have six hours, should reach before time,” said Mr. Sobani who was having a hot cup of coffee at BTM layout, just before Silk Board Jn.