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Contractor blacklisted for making road that survived three monsoons

21, Jul 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Local corporators and leaders, cutting across political and ideological divides, have come together to suggest blacklisting a contractor for constructing a road that has survived three monsoons till now and shows no signs of breaking up.

“Not even a three-inch wide pothole has appeared even though rains have been falling heavily. We faced similar disappointment even last year,” complained a local municipal corporator who has not been able to get funds released for repairing and re-constructing the road for two years now.

Corporators and politicians are missing such efficient work done by earlier contractors

Integrity Constructors Private Limited, the contracting company that built the road in 2010 has come under severe criticism from municipal corporation members for constructing similar roads in other parts of the state.

“We forgave them when no potholes appeared in 2011. We got frustrated in 2012 when the road was still tough and showed no signs of cracking up, but now the water has gone above our head. This is not how you work in this country,” a middle level babu told Faking News.

Sources say that local bodies get billions of rupees as budget for building infrastructure in their areas, but such contractors deny them the opportunity to build and repair the meticulously planned potholes.

The erring contractors are reported to have hired a foreign returned engineer who wanted to play a vital role in creating world class infrastructure in India. The engineer used up every paisa of the 50 lakhs rupees given to him to build 7 kilometers long road that has become an eyesore for the rest.

“The overall sanctioned budget for the project was 12 crore rupees, and every year 5 crore rupees were supposed to be released for repair and patch up,” the local corporator came up with the details, “Now because of these buggers, we have already suffered a loss of 15 crore rupees. And there are other projects too that were screwed up by them.”

“I was planning to buy a Hummer because the Lamborghini that I bought last year couldn’t run smoothly on the roads, except for those 7 kilometers of cursed stretch built by these buggers. Without new funds, how can I buy it?” the corporator explained the inconvenience caused by the reckless act of the contractor that is set to be blacklisted from future projects.