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Corporates asking definition of GST before granting appraisal to employees

03, Jul 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Everything was working fine till Saturday afternoon when a Facebook status suddenly triggered a mass movement among employees across India. Arvind Kumar of Delhi updated his facebook status with “This is insane! My boss asking me the definition of GST before giving appraisal. I am not even a CA”  


Shocking and funny at so many levels, the incident gathered attention on several social media platforms in no time. Faking News correspondent spoke to Arvind to get the details of the incident. Arvind, a 29 year old accounts manager in an automobile company, Moyota said that “It has been 6 years since I am working in the organization and my appraisal is long due. I was told that this year I’ll be getting promotion without any condition, but when I went to HR manager cabin to discuss this, HR asked me to define working and meaning of GST. HR said top management has decided to give promotion only to them who give correct answers.” Shocked with HR’s response Arvind slammed the the door and came back to his work station disappointed and updated his Facebook status.  

Social Media went berserk after this status as people all around India started writing their experiences while asking for appraisal.

One of the employees of a software company replied to Arvind’s post. He wrote “Same happened with me too. I told that GST stands for Goods and Service Tax. But HR told that it’s not right anymore since PM Modi has renamed it Good and Simple tax. I don’t know what to do now?” 

Moyota’s CEO Varun Mehra broke his silence and said “It’s not acceptable to be unaware of the current affairs and if not complete structure be aware of at least the full form of GST”.  Though Mr Mehra too hung up the phone when our reporter asked whether GST is going to affect automobile industry. 

What will happens in this particular case will be known to us in due course. But whether organizations are doing this to compel employees to be aware of current happenings or just to deny them promotion is a question that needs to be answered.