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Cough-cold patient told to get lung-cancer tests after doctor finds out his health claims policy

15, May 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi. A man by name Gaurav Puri who visited a local hospital Green-Oranges Operative Facility & Clinics (GOOF Clinics) with a cough and cold complaint, was in for a shock when he was told to get tests done for lung cancer.

He was initially diagnosed with normal cough and cold by a junior doctor and was prescribed normal cough syrup and paracetamol. But later when a senior doctor understood Gaurav’s professional background and his company’s health claims policy, he re-diagnosed Gaurav and told him to get 13 tests done for lung cancer.

Medical diagnosis
Gaurav was even told by the same doctor to undergo such tests to be “absolutely sure”

Gaurav was not able to cope up with this sudden development and called up all his friends and relatives. His parents immediately booked their train tickets to Delhi and his brother was even contemplating postponing his marriage scheduled for next month.

Gaurav later described his experience as a horrible nightmare. He said, “I was about to leave with cough and cold prescription when a senior doctor came in. Since I came straight from office I had my laptop bag with me. When the senior doctor saw my laptop bag, he told me to stay for a few more minutes and we had a brief conversation.”

Below is the conversation with doctor, as detailed by Gaurav [un-edited]:

Senior Doctor: So you are in for cough and cold?

Gaurav: Yes and I have already got the medicine.

Doctor: Let me quickly check your BP.

Gaurav: Oh, but why BP?

Doctor: We have to be careful in these cases Gaurav.

Gaurav: Which cases?

Doctor: Hmm… your BP seems to be on the higher side.

Gaurav: Ok, what does it mean doctor?

Doctor: BP doesn’t mean British Petroleum (laughs on his own DJ – doctor joke) but you work for BP? Your laptop bag has BP written over it. What does it mean?

Gaurav: It means Business Process; it is a leading software company.

Doctor: Good! So you must be having a good healthcare insurance and claims policy?

Gaurav: Yes, we have a company group insurance.

Doctor: Hmm, so why don’t you get admitted right now? We will put a glucose drip on you.

Gaurav: Admit? Drip? Why, I just have cough and cold.

Doctor: No your BP is also high and we can treat you better if you get admitted. Plus looking at your condition I am also prescribing some lung cancer tests.

Gaurav: What!? Lung Cancer? Oh God.

Doctor: No, no don’t worry, you can reimburse your medical test bills right?

Gaurav: Reimburse? Doctor do I have lung cancer?

Doctor: I think there is a rare but potential possibility which we should rule out, to be perfectly sure. How many times are you coughing in a minute?

Gaurav: How many? I haven’t counted, like 4-5 may be more.

Doctor: Hmm, let’s get these tests done Gaurav, it would be better.

Gaurav: I better call someone from my family.

Doctor: Sure although if you would have admitted yourself we could have taken better care of you.

Two days later however after tests reports were out Gaurav was declared perfectly normal with seasonal cough and cold and took a sigh of relief.

While Gaurav describes it as a “near-death” experience, the clinic has refused to provide any comments on the incident and maintained that their health practices are in line with the top-notch American and European standards.