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Couple become parents twice, waiting for perfect online honeymoon deal

22, May 2015 By Devesh Singh Solanki

Bangalore. Obsession with online deals reached another level, when a newly married couple didn’t realize that they have had two babies while still waiting to zero down on a honeymoon package.

Pravin Kumar, IT Manager based out of the city was completely out of his wits when the travel agency refused to accommodate two extra people from their house in their honeymoon package, who as the couple discovered, were their own kids.

Pravin and Sakshi, both IT engineers at Infosys got married 3 years back, as soon as they got a deal during the off season. Since then, they’ve been struggling to find a perfect Honeymoon package abroad. They’ve been stalking and pestering couples who’ve been to Sri Lanka, Bhutan, even Andaman etc to inquire about the details of their experience there.

Sakshi remembers talking to a couple who went to Afghanistan for a week long getaway, which later turned out to be a ISIS recruit camp. They obviously turned that offer down as they were both vegans and fond of exotic liquors like Budweiser, which is a strict no-no in such destinations. They even requested their superiors to send them onsite together, this way they could explore the otherwise “out of budget” countries, which didn’t work out as the lead himself had similar plans.

Still browsing for the perfect deal!
Still browsing for the perfect deal!

They could never really get a wholesome package as they’d expected. Sometimes the airlines prices, at other times the hotel accommodation prices and even sight seeing expenses at some instances would fly crazily over the top.

Recently, Pravin couldn’t contain his excitement as he received a communication from a company giving an offer he couldn’t refuse (sic).

He was offered a trip to Nepal, including outdoor tent stay, international packed meals from all countries, 24*7 media attention, adventure activities like rock-dodging etc etc. He was totally sold when he got to know that he could also get a chance to fly back in IAF flights free of cost. He instantly booked himself a deal to make his long time dream come true.

Now, in this rat race to grab the best deal, Pravin and Sakshi forgot a minor thing that they are already parents to two kids.

“This is absolutely unfair. We can’t be denied a good honeymoon just because we have so called ‘kids’,” Pravin told our reporters. Sakshi seems to have gone into depression and is constantly looking for deals on Practo with a psychiatrist.

She told us how both of them as a couple have a long history of exploiting lucrative offers, Black fridays and Monsoon dhamaka being their favorite times of the year. She couldn’t stop her tears remembering the one time when she bought specs from lenskart despite having a perfect vision because they offered a flat 12.5%off on the lenses, an investment for the future she likes to call it.

Executives at who have full sympathy with the couple, however deny to budge in this case. According to the sources, with PM and his troop flying to places so frequently, it has become really difficult to even get seats. Due to this, in their ‘reasonable packages’, they even fly couples separately on different flights and also to separate destinations in some cases to make the trips happen. In such a scenario, including these two extra people is totally out of question.

However, when asked about two people being kids of the couple, manager said he didn’t mind that as he also could go on a honeymoon only after what was his fifth anniversary, as he was waiting for the right time.