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Couple postpones the anniversary dinner to Nov 15th to enjoy less GST on the restaurant bill

12, Nov 2017 By RT
Bengaluru. An young couple, in their early thirties, has postponed their anniversary dinner to Nov 15th from the actual date of marriage, which falls on 10th of Nov. The decision was taken when the GST council has revised the GST on restaurant visits from 18% to 5%. Marriage anniversary dates are slightly flexible, unlike birthdays, the man gave a philosophical answer, when asked about the delayed anniversary dinner.
“We were delighted to know the revision of GST rates on several goods and services. Especially, the restaurant visits. Earlier, we used to pay a hefty amount on the GST and some more on the tips, irrespective whether the food was good or the service was cordial. Most of the waiters used to expect the tips to be same as GST. Now, it is only 5%. I am picking the 17th floor for the 15th night” the man was cheerful announcing his anniversary dinner plans to Faking News.
“We had a birthday dinner earlier this year. After all the guests left and the gifts unwrapped, we finally got stuck with the restaurant bill. It took nearly about 30 minutes to check every item that was ordered and to match with the price quoted on the menu and calculate and recalculate the bill. Finally, we called our Auditor to consult on the huge GST amount if there was any exemption possible not to pay the GST. Now, we are happy about this dinner. First of all, it is going to be only the two of us and the GST is only 5% this time” the lady of the house was equally thrilled about going for the anniversary dinner on Nov 15th and not on Nov 10th.
“It is not new for us. For the past 3 anniversary dinners, we always celebrate 2 days later than the actual date of marriage. However, that was totally due to another issue, the traffic in the city. Incidentally, 2 years ago, we actually left on 09th evening to reach the restaurant by 10th, but could only make it by the 12th” both of them were severely critical about the terrible traffic conditions of the Bengaluru city.
As a final twist, when the couple called to book a table on 15th, the restaurant manager politely declined to inform that the restaurant is fully booked till the end of the year, it is now learnt by Faking News.