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Domino's delivery guy refuses to pay hospital bill after wife’s delivery takes more than 30 mins

16, May 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai: A pizza delivery guy, Tez Pratap, in Navi Mumbai on Thursday had an altercation with the Dopollo Hospital management staff and the surgeons over a strange demand.


Faking News reporter spoke to one of the hospital management staff and came to know that Tez Pratap wanted his wife’s surgery free of cost since the doctor took more than 30 mins for the delivery.

On Friday night, at around 9 PM, Tez Pratap admitted his wife in Dopollo Hospital, Vashi after his wife had labour pain. According to sources, before admitting his wife, the hospital staff asked Tez to make full and final payment as the delivery may happen anytime.

Tez didn’t have any other option but to accept their demand and make full payment. Doctors and surgeons took around 50 mins for the operation. Soon after the delivery, the nurse went to congratulate Tez, but Tez had no sign of happiness on his face, nurse initially thought it’s because his wife has given birth to a baby girl. 

Later, Tez asked for refund from the hospital management saying doctors took more than 30 minutes in deliver. Initially doctors thought Tez is being funny, but they were shocked when Tez started talking about uniform civil code. Tez said, “India is going towards uniform civil code where laws will be applicable to everyone without any discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, gender and economic backgrounds, so late delivery charges should be applicable to all.”

Faking News correspondent Jordan spoke to Mr. Tez,  and asked about the incident. Mr. Tez has decided to go for hunger strike in front of the hospital till he gets his full cost refunded,”Tez said “I have been working as food delivery guy from past five years, I have a good track record but last year mid-November I failed to deliver within 30 minutes due to demonetization and I had to deliver food for free. The cost of food was deducted from my salary.”

Currently, case is in court and hearing is scheduled for 15th May 2034. Famous lawyer Mr. Latemalani has come forward in support of Tez and will be fighting his case. Experts world over have said that this case will change the history and will make the laws for doctors stricter. 

FN tried to resolve the issue by convincing Tez Pratap to not go to court for such petty issues as it will waste his time as well as court’s time too as they have to look at other important cases like length of skirt for girls in schools and 2 channels fighting for a prime time slot. Pratap ji understood this and has agreed to stop this for the time being.