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Donkey reports better job satisfaction than Techies in Bangalore

12, Oct 2013 By idiot420

Bangalore. In a job satisfaction survey conducted by a leading magazine, it has been reported that donkeys, employed as coolies by washermen and other small entrepreneurs, are comparatively more satisfied with their jobs than IT coolies techies in Bangalore.

To check the ground reality, Faking News talked to a donkey in Varanasi, and we found that the survey findings were not off the mark.

Dhenchu, the 9-year-old donkey with six years of work experience whom we interviewed, appeared really satisfied compared to a techie with similar profile and experience.

“Well, the concept of weekend is not for us, and that’s why it doesn’t suck when we work on Saturdays and Sundays,” Dhenchu said when this reporter asked how come he was happy to work seven days a week.

Happy Donkey from Shrek
A donkey relaxing after his working shift, something that is not easily seen in case of techies.

“At least we have fixed working hours and we know what is expected of us,” the brown domesticated animal explained.

Ramlal, Dhenchu’s owner employer too confirmed that his clients were happy.

“Once a madam found a bug in the shirt I had washed. I think it was one of those fleas that reside in Dhenchu’s body. But I didn’t blame the bug on Dhenchu. Rather, I have been bathing him regularly with an anti-fungal soap ever since,” Ramlal recalled.

This is in sharp contrast to how employers in IT companies react when bugs are found. They are mostly blamed on techies, and techies don’t get any soaps thereafter.

Apart from freedom from bugs, another crucial advantage that donkeys have over techies is being in the same time zone as that of their clients.

Ramlal, who employs six more donkeys, further informed, “They don’t work in the night and they all work directly under my supervision; a complete flat organizational structure. No project managers or consultants.”

Dhenchu too confirmed that he was happy to be a part of such company, even though there was no scope for any promotions.

“See, we have a pretty egalitarian society out here. No unwanted competition and politics; every donkey is just a Gadha, no senior Gadha or junior Gadha,” the happy, satisfied, and smart ass said.

Owing to this job satisfaction, Dhenchu confirmed that he never bothered to take MBA admission exams or made his résumé.

While the donkeys are celebrating the findings of the survey, techies in Bangalore are mildly shocked.

“We knew it was bad. But this hurts. Like a kick by a donkey,” said Dhiraj, whose Dussehra and Diwali leave application has been cancelled.