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Don’t use LPG, use perfume wale gas cylinders i.e. Deodorants: Moily

01, Sep 2013 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Mumbai: ‘Perfume Laga rahe ho ya gas uda rahe ho?’, ‘Ye hai gas cylinder aur ye hai Perfume wale gas cylinders’. When a popular deodorant Ad beamed on TV, viewers had no clue what an eye opener it is going to be.

On one hand innocent customers realized that their deodorants were not much different than potato chips, on the other hands the government was getting ideas for fuel conservation.

Gas being used by common man without government’s approval

Veerappa Moily, the Petroleum Minister who is going all out to curb the fuel use, has now turned his attention towards LPG. He has taken notice of the fact that most of the deodorants available in the market are merely gas cylinders with some perfume put in. Hence oil ministry has advised people to use the gas from deodorant cans.

“Instead of LPG, they should use PWG (Perfume Wale Gas) cylinder,” the Petroleum Minister suggested during an exclusive interview with Faking News.

As a result of this new policey, deodorants used by a person will be counted as subsidized cylinders from now on. Therefore those who consume more than 9 bottles of deodorant per year will not get any subsidy on LPG cylinders. This will help us save millions of gallons of gas, our star reporter Shaitaan Khopdi™ learned from Moily.

“This is very similar to how income tax department works. You are allowed tax deduction of 1 Lakh under 80C. If you have 2 sources of income, then you can’t claim that 1 Lakh tax deduction for both sources. Similarly, if you are already consuming more than 9 cylinders annually, then you can’t get subsidized LPG cylinders from us,” explained ‘Oily Moily’.

Moily allayed fears that the latest step could adversely impact the common man. “Bachelors won’t worry because they need deodorant more than cooking gas, and married people don’t need the deodorants anymore,” Moily claimed.

However, sources tell Faking News that the government has taken this step to facilitate implementation of Food Security Bill (FSB). “Under FSB, the government is giving out food at cheap rate, but through this step, they are cutting back on subsidized gas. If there is no gas then how would the common man cook the food? This way the government can promise anything in FSB without actually giving anything,” explained a source.