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Dr Batra upset with all the spam mails he gets from banks

07, May 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

If you have not received a single mail from Dr Batra in your lifetime there are serious question marks on your digital presence. India’s leading spammer Dr Batra is such a pro that you would have received at least one text message from him about hair loss treatment by the time you finish reading this sentence. However, Dr Batra recently got the taste of his own medicine after receiving several mails from different banks regarding easy loans and other facilities.


At first Dr Batra ignored the mails just like people ignore Dr Batra’s mails, but after repeated spamming, Dr Batra is pretty irritated.Not only mails from different banks, SMS reminding him about linking Aadhar number to other documents keeps on spamming his message folders. He is so stressed out that he is actually losing hair from his head and will soon require his own services. Batra tried contacting his service provider to block promotional mails hitting his inbox. In return, he received a text which read, “Look who’s talking”.  Well Dr Batra seems to come a full circle in life and the spammer has indeed become the spammed.

Faking News reporter Sanil Jain spoke to Dr Batra and he had this to say,” All banks already know that I am running a successful business, then too they send me these promotional mails. I want to urge the government to come out with strict regulations to restrict people from spamming others. Spam causes a lot of stress in people’s lives and they tend to lose their hair. It is one of the serious causes of hair fall, and it is my sincere request to all spammers that please stop this irritating activity and let people live without unwanted stress.”