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E-commerce website announces 200% sale, will pay you to buy from their website

11, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: The battle between e-commerce websites has reached a new level today with one firm, Bazaaru, offering 200% discount during its next big sale. Not only will the company give you an item free of cost, it will also pay you the amount equal to the cost of the item.

Sale sale sale

There has been a stiff competition among e-commerce apps to capture the huge Indian market and this has lead to several innovative campaigns. Innovative campaigns have ranged from announcing sale to declaring sale. Sometimes they have floated the idea of discounts and sometimes, more discounts. Bazaaru doesn’t want to get left behind in this race to capture Indian market either and has announced the biggest online sale in history.

“We had a great session of brainstorming where we came up with this idea. Now we knew that we had to offer discount but how much was the question. One of our competitors was already offering 90% discount so we had to offer more to ensure we stand out from the crowd. Our marketing manager proposed 100% discount and then I told them ki bhai 200% hi kar do fir. Everyone immediately loved the idea and finalized it”, said the CEO of Bazaru, Mr. Dukandar

When we asked how they will fund such a sale since it makes no economic sense, Mr. Dukandar replied,”You must be new to the startup world. We are not supposed to make any sense for the first few years and our website is only 4 months old so we have a lot of time. As for money, our investors have really deep pockets and they know how important it is to capture this huge market.”

The sale will be on 15th August and has been called the nationalist sale by Bazaaru. When we asked whether there is any chance of extending this sale, Mr. Dukandar said,”Boss, Indian patriotism doesn’t last beyond 15th August, how will our sale last?”