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E-commerce Website: Have patience during the flash sale as buying smartphones not as easy as buying MLAs

11, Aug 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Flash sales have been very popular in India during the recent times. People eagerly wait for a new phone to be launched and then starts the game called , ‘who gets the phone?’. Because most of the people don’t get it. Its an art to crack the flash sale mechanism and only a selected few have mastered it.


Irritated customers have requested the government to intervene as the flash sale takes up too much of their important time. People have to plan all their day to day activity according to the flash sale timings. Some are not able to go to office, some are not able to carry out their regular chores and it has been taking a mental toll on many.

So much so that an e-commerce company named SNAPFAIL has come out and explained to the customers that buying a smartphone is not as easy as buying an MLA. It takes lot of interest and effort in buying a smartphone. This level of skill set is not required in buying MLAs. MLAs are easy to buy as they are ready to sell themselves, but in case of smartphones, it is way too tough. The E-commerce company has made sure that they will try to make the process simpler in future and till then customers have been requested to keep patience.

SNAPFAIL authorities have also met Amit Shah to learn from him the techniques to do smooth business without customer outrage. Amit Shah as we all know was quite successful in buying a lot of MLAsduring the latest Rajya Sabha elections. Well till we get some concrete measures to curb the nemesis of stress during flash sales all we can do is keep ‘hoping’ just the way Ahmed Patel did it, and it truly paid off.