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Ekta Kapoor’s e-comm venture to sell heavy garments, jewelry and envelopes with family secrets

04, Apr 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Navi Mumbai: Popular saas-bahu serials director and senior Bollywood personality Ekta Kapoor has recently  launched a new e-commerce portal

This online venture specializes in heavy jewelry, silk and chiffon sarees and a revolutionary product called Chhipa Raaz (hidden secret) which is nothing but envelopes with family secrets of the customers.

Mihir Bantia, VP Merchandising at, provided more details about this venture to media, at a promotional event, “Chhipa Raaz is a very complex product to manufacture because as soon as a customer orders it, our delivery boys have to go to that address and start spying on the family, which may take 2 to 3 days. They then note down the family secrets put them in an envelope and deliver to the same address.”

All jewelry taken of to sell
All jewelry taken of to sell

“These secrets can be simple facts such as “Who moved the spoon from table to pooja-ghar” or “Why did the bride not keep sindur in a blue box instead of red box”. But these secrets have the power to causes bitter family feuds and then people are able to relate more to Ekta Ji’s TV serials as well. Since the nature of the product is complicated it is not covered under our returns policy. We are also not accepting cash-on-delivery on this product, it has to be ordered via a credit-card or net-banking mode only,” Mihir concluded.

On being asked if will offer any other innovative products, Mihir provided the list of following extremely popular private labels available on the site:

  • EkkktaTM night dresses – Extremely tight and uncomfortable night clothes which can be worn at parties and movie launches as well
  • Age controlling syrup – This syrup if taken a spoon everyday prevents ageing completely. Test-subjects haven’t aged beyond 35 even after their grandchildren are planning their weddings. Warning: May cause artificial looking white hair
  • Punar-janam memory capsules – High caliber memory retention pills. Constant consumption of these capsules will not only boost your memory of your current janma (birth) but will also help you remember events from previous janma.
  • Curtains for over-hearing conversations – A set of ten beautiful curtains which will hide you completely while you listen to conversations between other people. These are extremely portable curtains and can be taken anywhere to anyone’s house. With high camouflage capabilities these curtains will hide you in plain sight while you listen to other people’s conversations and bitch about them to some other people later.

While is fairly new online venture, it has already gained significant traction among India’s e-commerce buyers. According to an analyst report, Indian men are also visiting the website in high numbers in order to improve their understanding of strange events in saas-bahu tv-serials and the reaction of their spouses to them. To woo this growing male audience, team also launched a fresh range of men’s perfumes by name Tusshars last week, but that was immediately recalled due to bad product quality issues.