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Emami launches toothbrush that can reduce hair fall among men

26, Dec 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Leading FMCG company Emami Limited has launched a new range of toothbrushes that can reduce hair fall rates among young male executives. Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan, who has been promoting other brands of the company like Navratna Tel, Sona Chandi Chyawanprash and Fair & Handsome, has been roped in again to promote the toothbrushes, being called “Keshodant”. The company formally launched the toothbrush at a rock concert here today.

On this occasion, a television ad for Keshodant was released, which showed Shahrukh Khan as a young executive in his mid-20’s. In the ad, SRK wakes up in the morning to find tufts of his hair strewn upon his pillow. Dejected and depressed, he goes on to slip in the bathroom, suffer bruises on bums, gets late for office, gets warning from boss, works late in the office, and misses dinner date with his girlfriend, who then dumps him. The young SRK is aghast with contortions clearly visible on his face.

At this moment, “Keshodant” is flashed on the television screen; the same man i.e. SRK brushes his teeth with the new toothbrush before sleeping, and wakes up to see a clean pillow! Excited and delighted, he goes on to do everything right in his day. Even his girlfriend begs him to take her back by kissing him on his receding hairline. But he spurns the hot girl, kisses his new toothbrush and asks all the viewers to “get their priorities right” and buy Keshodant.

Shahrukh Khan with Keshodant in a promotional poster for the new toothbrush by Emami
Shahrukh Khan with Keshodant in a promotional poster for the new toothbrush by Emami

“Hair fall is a common problem among the youth and we thought that such a theme would connect with them instantly. Our toothbrushes have been aerodynamically designed to reduce hair fall and are certified by IMA*. We believe that Keshodant will be a huge hit.” Emami marketing head Mahesh Manjan said while interacting with mediapersons as at the launch event.

Mr. Manjan refused to elaborate the exact science working between the hair fall rate and toothbrush’s design, but claimed that the customers will definitely get the desired results if they used the toothbrush in the same way as prescribed by the company. The exact procedures of use have been uploaded on the company’s website, the link of which would be mentioned somewhere on the cover of the toothbrush. The link was not mentioned on the samples that were given to the journalists, but journalists were happy as they got free gift voucher from Emami and iPod Nano along with the toothbrush.

“We are guaranteeing money back to a customer if his or her hair fall rate doesn’t come down by at least 3% within three weeks of correct use.” Mr. Manjan further informed as journalists took notes.

Stocks of Keshodant will hit the markets with the new year and Emami is hopeful that the product will be a huge hit, especially among those who have been using the men’s fairness cream Fair & Handsome regularly.

But it seems that the company might have to try a little harder as not everyone seems so convinced about the promises being made.

“It seems just too good to be true. They need to do a lot of explaining. I just can’t understand how can a toothbrush reduce my hair fall, but man, it just might be the product I was waiting for.” said Ravi, a balding executive, who feels he had grown a bit fairer after applying the SRK’s khaas mardon waali fairness cream.

Emami is planning to hold local rock concerts in various cities in the coming weeks to promote Keshodant.

*Indian Marketers Association