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Employee found sleeping in office, promoted and shifted to HR

18, Nov 2013 By chaturchaalaak

Hyderabad. A day-dreamer’s nightmare came true when he was found sleeping by his boss in the office, that too on a Monday morning when everyone, though sleepy, tries to appear alert and active in the eyes of the bosses.

The incident happened in the office of a multinational company based in the United State of Andhra Pradesh.

Sleeping in office
Seeman was even more comfortably placed in the job, like a boss.

A techie named Seeman Jha II (his dad, Seeman Jha I is Maharaja of some god forsaken erstwhile princely state) was found sleeping by his boss, who had come to give Seeman the first warning Sachin Tendulkar retired, otherwise the fifth warning (about his job) this month.

While everyone thought that Seeman will surely get fired, everyone, including Seeman was shocked to find that the boss announced that Seeman will be promoted and shifted to the Human Resource department of the company.

When Faking News got in touch with this techie’s colleagues, they were busy abusing him behind his back (a common IT phenomenon). We couldn’t get much information from them, but we spotted a worker sitting in the corner doing nothing. Realizing that she could be friends with Seeman, we asked for her opinion.

“Seeman has always been a nice chap, though I never saw him as he used to sit diagonally opposite me but we spoke a lot over messenger and WeChat,” she revealed the professional bond they shared.

Putting her feet on the inverted dustbin, she added, “Last week, he sent me 3 crying smileys, back to back. He was depressed and often tied of work, such as watching all episodes of Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones due to peer pressure.”

“The only time he got to sleep was during office hours. Power cuts and soaring temperature were deterrent to sleep outside office,” she continued, “I personally was impressed with his skills and I’m happy that he has been rewarded for his work.”

Not convinced with this response, this reporter talked to the boss who took the decision of promoting Seeman and shifting him to the HR department.

“Frankly I had given up on him. I was planning to fire him when I saw him in that position,” the boss told this reporter, “But he was so peacefully sleeping. I instantly saw a fit with the HR guys, who are always at home in the office. I thought he could bring add some value to the current HR.”

The HR department was first apprehensive about inducting Seeman, but they were ecstatic when they got to know that Seeman watches all the saas-bahu TV shows too, including reruns of Balika Vadhu.

“A weekly review will be so exciting!” confirmed one of the HR executives of the company.

We spotted Seeman walking happily towards HR department, where he would pretend to work all day long. Sources say that the first thing he did after joining the HR was wiping off his face with a bunch of CVs of job applicants.