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Employees turn emotional as they reunite with work-desk after a long weekend

12, Aug 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Bangalore. It’s a well known fact that Monday is loved by salaried professionals, but when a Monday returns after a long break, the love manifests itself in various ways.

Such scenes were witnessed today in many companies when employees came back to work after a weekend that extended to at least three days for most of them.

The happiest place in the world

23-year-old Ravi Kumar, who didn’t wish ‘Eid Mubarak’ to any of his friends as he had gone on a holiday trip with his college friends and had got totally lost in the revelries, was seen hugging his chair and wishing the four-footed co-worker the best for its life.

“This weekend could be even longer as I’m planning to fall ill on 16th August and take a sick leave,” Ravi told Faking News, “I will bring something for my lovely chair next Monday. In fact, I’ll bring something for my desk too. She had been keeping my fake illness certificate in her drawer for a few weeks now.”

Similar scenes were reported from officers of various companies belonging to the IT sector, management consulting industry, banks, etc. where employees thanked their work-desks for bringing them back into the real world.

Tears of happiness rolled down the cheeks of Shilpi, who saw a longer To-Do list on her desk. The list was attached to her desk by her boss on a post-it note with a festival greeting – see me after lunch.

“I can’t wait to see my boss,” 25-year-old Shilpi confirmed, “The to-do list looked more beautiful than the menu card of the local restaurant where I had an ordinary evening with my boyfriend on Saturday night.”

“And I wish my boyfriend left such romantic notes for me,” she rued.

Experts claim that Mondays normally see such emotional scenes as employees reunite with entities with whom they spend more time than those spent with their relatives and friends. Such entities include desks, chairs, computers, coffee vending machines, security guards, and bosses.

“Last time I had turned so emotional was when my wife had returned from her parents’ place after a five-day trip,” 35-year-old Satish told Faking News as he kissed the employee ID card hanging from his neck.