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Engineer forms start-up that will give ideas to other engineers for start-ups

23, May 2015 By rajatbhateja

Bangalore. A recently graduated engineer-entrepreneur Kumar has come up with a ground breaking idea that has shaken the start-up circuit to its core.

Entrepreneur Kumar (earlier his Facebook profile read ‘Engineer Kumar’) has founded a start-up that will assist other engineers to come up with billion dollar ideas for their own start-ups.

Kumar may seek guidance from another start-up on his start-up.
Kumar may seek guidance from another start-up on his start-up.

When asked how he came up with the idea, Kumar told Faking News, “I believe that every Indian engineer aspires to be the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. They all dream of giving big speeches, and some even get a boner seeing the word CEO. I myself was working in Infotys. And just like any other engineer whenever I got bored, I thought of start-up ideas. I started noting them down, and within a few days I had a plethora of ideas.”

Entrepreneur Kumar has named his company “Mera Idea Le Le” (MILL).

He has started customer acquisition by going to all major engineering colleges in the country and asking final year students to buy his ideas. As of now, 78 engineers, whom he calls “Vellas” have registered to take services from Mr. Kumar’s burgeoning company.

The tagline for MILL as he likes to call it, is “Daane daane pe likha hai khane vale ka naam. Har start up idea pe likha hai CEO ka naam”, which even we agree is peculiarly stupid, but Kumar claims that it works for his client base.

MILL recently had its first round of funding in which it received a whopping 501 Rupees from Sequia Fapital. Entrepreneur Kumar had this to say about this development, “People at Sequia Fapital have been really generous towards MILL. This funding is five times of what I get as shagun at my birthday, so I am really obliged to them. They just made me fill out a form which states that ‘I, Entrepreneur Kumar will not be the next Rahul Yadav’, and gave me the money.”