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Engineer gets onsite opportunity in Bangladesh, avoids updating the news on Facebook

30, Mar 2014 By idiot420

Bangalore. Mukesh (name changed to maintain his privacy), a software engineer working for an MNC got his first onsite opportunity, but unfortunately in Bangladesh.

Not too excited to get an opportunity in a country with local currency is even cheaper than Indian rupee, Mukesh avoided updating any related news on his Facebook profile. In fact, he completed the entire duration of two months stay in Bangladesh without letting anyone know.

Mukesh trying to hide his identity while flying to Bangladesh.

“It was a top secret operation. Nobody besides my family members and close friends knew about it. As you see, there was nothing to boast about,” said Mukesh while talking exclusively to Faking News.

Mukesh had never imagined that his virginity of foreign trip would be broken by a trip to Bangladesh.

“For official projects, people go to USA, Europe, Australia. Who goes to Bangladesh? Had it even been some African country, that would have been acceptable, as it sounds adventurous. But Bangladesh, it’s a big turn off when you talk about it as abroad,” Mukesh explained the logic behind his conduct

“It’s just like any other Indian state. We have so many Bangladeshis even in India,” he added.

But not only embarrassment, Mukesh claims he suffered some “losses” too.

“Just to maintain the privacy of my trip, I missed four opportunities to do Facebook check-in at airports; two while going to Dhaka and two while returning. My heart bled every time. Overall, the damage’s worth was at least 150 likes and 60 comments,” rued Mukesh.

Sources say that Mukesh even spent a good amount of money on one of his close friends who threatened to leak the news on Facebook.

Reportedly, there was a huge family pressure on Mukesh to get an onsite opportunity, and probably that was the main reason why he accepted the offer.

“Once, I heard papa motivating bhaiya by saying, ‘Sharma ji ka ladka chala gaya, Verma ji ka ladka bhi chala gaya, tera khoon kab khaulega?’. Bhaiya was looking very tense and frustrated,” disclosed younger brother of Mukesh.

“But we never expected him to go to Bangladesh. Embarrassed papa didn’t even tell this to our neighbors, he was quite upset,” the younger brother added.

Meanwhile, adding more to Mukesh’s woes, none of his colleagues are showing interest in chocolates that he brought from Bangladesh.