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Engineering college invites chai-sutta shop owner for campus placement

05, Mar 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

We have read many stories about how Chai-Sutta is so important in an engineers life. “Engineers surviving only on chai-sutta inspire study for a new fuel”, “Engineer boy replies “Chai-sutta” when his mother asks for breakfast; becomes homeless”, etc etc. The amount of time an Engineer spends at a Chai Sutta outlet or the amount of money he spends on chai-sutta is a big multiple of what he spends on his campus life. When an engineering college in Bhopal learned about this fact, it invited the chai-sutta shop owner to recruit some students. Engineering colleges are on a constant lookout for recruiters and they don’t worry about what package is offered to the students.


Yewle Tea House has become one of the most famous tea stalls in Pune. They have set a benchmark for their competitor by making Rs 12 lakh per month. ‘Just Another’ Engineering college situated in Vile Parle heard about this news and soon calculated the net worth of the chai-sutta industry. The worth is comparable to that of the IT companies coming for placements on the Campus. Dean of the college Mr. Sanil Jain soon made a list of all big Chai-Sutta sellers in the city and invited Shwetank Srivastava who sits just outside the college gate selling chai and sutta. Shwetank handles a customer list which is enormous, there is no recession in his business and all his customers are loyal. Sanil is sure that Shwetank will provide the right career path to the freshers coming out of the college. The fact that Shwetank is already in personal touch with so many students will help him select the best ones. The interview process and other formalities won’t take as much time compared to the regular companies.

faking News reporter spoke to Shwetank and he had this to say,” Its a big honor for me. It was my parent’s dream that I do engineering but due to the poor financial condition, I had to set up a Chai Sutta shop. Now the shop has helped me get a placement invite from an engineering college. What more can I ask for?”