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Engineers working in Bihar to wear bulletproof vests as part of office uniform

29, Dec 2015 By Sandeep Kadian

Darbhanga, Bihar: After the murder of 3 engineers in a week, companies have stepped up efforts to protect the rapidly decreasing population of engineers in Bihar. Every engineer will be required to wear a bulletproof vest along with other personal protective equipment while working on a project site.

Ready for office
Ready for office

Companies have decided to take this step after the murder of an engineer yesterday. This came a week after the double murder of two project engineers working for a private road construction company.

Bihar Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar had called a meeting of senior police officers to discuss the law and order situation but companies have decided to act on their own without waiting for police action. Now in addition to safety boots, safety glasses and helmet, engineers working on construction sites in Bihar will also wear this bulletproof vest at all times.

Speaking to Faking News, a Project Manager (Name withheld for security reasons) explained this decision by saying, “Look we were seriously running the risk of losing all our engineers, either through resignation or through their life termination. We can’t shut down our company so had to take some action. We hired a consulting firm to guide us through this crisis and after charging us 100 Crores, they told us to provide each engineer with a bulletproof vest.”

“Hopefully this should give confidence to the engineers and they won’t leave us to move elsewhere. We are also looking at providing them hazardous pay allowance for working in Bihar. This is an engineers only scheme for now but we will extend it to all employees in due course. If someone has his own bulletproof vest, they can wear it to work till company provides them.” The Project Manager said.

When we asked him what will they do if someone attacks with a knife instead of a gun, he didn’t have an answer and told us that they will hire another consulting firm to get a solution for that.