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Expecting cigarette price hike, college student already informed parents that his fees are increasing

26, Feb 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Delhi: Expecting an increase in cigarette prices like every year, a 22 yrs old MBA student, Nishant Nagpal has already informed his parents that his college tuition fees will increase from 1st of March.

If prices keep increasing, Chai-Sutta couple may break up
If prices keep increasing, Chai-Sutta couple may break up

Taxes on tobacco products are generally raised during every budget subsequently leading to increase in cigarette prices and Nishant is already prepared to meet the increased expense.

“Last time the hike caught me unawares and Union budget really shook my personal budget. By the end of the month, I was borrowing beedis from the hostel watchman. I don’t want a repeat of that situation so I have already arranged for the money by telling my parents that college fees have increased. 1 Cigarette is already costing 12 Rs and I am funding my smoking habit by borrowing books during exams instead of buying my own. I can’t manage any price hike in the money my parents currently send me”, Nishant told us.

He further said, “This is a proactive step which is very professional on my part. Being a student of a professional course, it is expected of me to behave in a professional manner. Plus the Paan shop guy has clearly told me that my liabilities are exceeding my assets and I need some cash inflow to balance my balance sheet with him.”

When we asked Nishant whether his parents will not question why fees have gone up in the middle of the semester, he smiled and replied,”Oh not at all. God bless Private educational institutes. They will just blame the greed of private educational institutes and provide me the money I need.”

When asked what if Finance Minister doesn’t increase the Cigarette prices, Nishant said,” Oh no worries. I will not let the money go to waste. Maybe I will finally start buying some chakhna to go with the daru sessions.”

When we asked Nishant whether he has any plans to quit smoking, he lit up a cigarette and replied confidently,”Oh yes. I am quitting from tomorrow”