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Expert economist fails to tell the full form of GDP in a Budget debate

04, Feb 2018 By Guest Patrakar
We Indians have an habit of debating on almost everything. We enjoy this democratic right so much that sometimes all it provides is embarrassment. Same happened with a leading economist when he failed to tell the full form of GDP on a debate that was about Budget 2018
Leading economist Ashok Sharma, who was leading the charge against the Budget 2018 caught in the moment of embarrassment when he defined GDP (Gross Domestic Product) as General Development Product on a live debate in Times How studio. Ashok not once but thrice use the term General Development Product until he was finally corrected by host Mukul Rai.
Ashok came under fire from many on social media as people all over India trolled him for not knowing the definition of GDP given he is one of the most honoured economists in India. People even said Ashok comes from Rahul Gandhi’s school of economics as even RaGa didn’t know the definition of GST and once called it Gabbar Singh Tax.
Host Mukul Rai spoke to FN about this and said “Ashok is an old man and people should spare him for that. People should know that we news channels invite only those people in the show who are completely free in their lives. If a person is so talented and read then you automatically won’t find him in News Debates because he would be busy serving the nation in a much better way.”
Ashok Sharma has even attended debates on Sania Mirza’s skirt controversy as Fashion expert and Gambhir’s team India exit debate as cricket expert. This was something in his area of expertise but he blowed it.
This is not the first time an expert got embarrassed on live TV. Congress member Tehseen Poonawallah became the centre of mockery when he said people should work from home to avoid office of profit while talking about office of profit in a live debate.
Experts on tv shows speak anything that sensationalises the issue, even if they don’t know anything about the topic. Even news channels invite such people who can give juicy comments rather giving an insight on the topic of discussion. Maybe that is why almost all the debates on leading news channels these days is left without any conclusion. Now just hope that someday a news debate May reach its conclusion, till then keep reading Faking News.