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External hard disk sales hit all-time low as buyers prefer Airtel 4G sim to memory storage devices

06, Feb 2016 By Beer & Biryani

The external hard disk industry is running into losses after recording all-time low sales at the end of January, succumbing to an innovative space management device called Airtel 4G sim.

Airtel scientist explaining about the new product in Tim Cook style
Airtel scientist explaining about the new product in Tim Cook style

Airtel 4G sim is a large rotating device produced in a rectangular shape, with a slight cut on one of its corners.  As per Airtel’s claim in the advertisement, 4G sim is capable of storing an astounding 71 lakh minutes of entertainment. Also, the size of this device can be increased or decreased as desired.

Once this device becomes large, it acts as a movie screen and one can choose to play movies on it. However, this feature comes with a big disadvantage: you’ll need to watch the movie while the device is rotating.

Technology enthusiasts are already overjoyed with this invention while telecom scientists are questioning themselves as to why they weren’t able to think of this before.

After claims of the earth not being round were made in the Airtel ad, leading space agencies have asked the astronauts in space to take pictures of earth in all possible angles and send them back to earth for re-verification of earth’s shape.

Meanwhile, Copernicus fans from across the world seemed happy with Airtel’s theory of earth. As per sources, they were just deriving sadistic pleasure by agreeing with this alternate theory of earth’s shape.

In a related news, electronic waste recorded at the end of January was almost double than what was recorded last year during the same time. Intellectuals at Airtel are of the opinion that the increase in electronic waste is due to people dumping their hard disks for Airtel 4G sim cards.