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Facebook claims share in revenues from sunglasses sales in India, which is up due to profile pictures

16, Dec 2014 By sudarshanpathi

Delhi. In a shocking lawsuit filed by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the social networking website has sued sunglasses making company Ray-Ban, asking it to share revenues from the rising sales of sunglasses in India.

Owing to the ongoing craze among the youth of India to post photographs on Facebook with sunglasses, the sales of the reputed brand has multiplied manifold within the past three to four years. The lawsuit is believed to claim damages of epic proportions similar to the Samsung-Apple conflict.

Inspiring many

Critics are claiming that out of court settlement has been ruled out by both the parties and the legal battles promise to be a long drawn corporate saga.

Bolllywood director Madhur Bhandarkar has announced his next venture on social media owing to the news of this law suit.

Recently it has been observed that Indian youth, especially engineering students and professionals have started posing with sunglasses even in darkness to look hip and chic. An analysis of the DPs of a sample 10 million Facebook users of India has revealed that more than 73.6% of these have Ray-Ban sunglasses.

The study conducted by leading management institute of India, IIFB of Arindam Bannorjee fame, who conducted the specific study claims the figure to be 100% accurate like its claims of 100% placements. The study has inspired Facebook to claim the damages. The biz whizs of FB have started estimating the damages.

The IIFB study claims that the obsession with sunglasses began with the decline of Orkut and the advent of Facebook in India.

Confirming the facts put forth by the research, N.K. Karunanidhi, a dealer of sunglasses in Sarojini market of Delhi, says that he often hears his customers deciding the colour and make of sunglasses based on their appeal on Facebook.

The trend has been on the rise post the success of a string of kitsch Salman Khan movies which began in 2010. The youth have now started wearing sunglasses even on their backsides. The hype generated by the likes and comments on Ray-Ban adorning profile pictures has ensured unmatched sales of Ray-Ban glasses in India.

Meanwhile in a surprising counter attack, Ray-Ban has filed another lawsuit against Facebook claiming dip in sales due to increased sale of pirated sunglasses in India. They have claimed that middle class users of Facebook in India have resorted to buying pirated Ray-Ban sunglasses to garner likes and comments on the social networking site.