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Facebook stops AI research as robots found creating fake Facebook accounts for themselves

03, Aug 2017 By RT
Menlo Park, California. Facebook has stopped AI research as the newly developed robots found creating fake Facebook accounts for themselves. The fake profiles has always been a never-ending problem for the social media giant. With robots creating fake profiles, it will make the situation worse and even more uncontrollable, a Facebook top scientist told Faking News.
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“The first question which comes to the mind of a Facebook user when receiving a friend request from an unknown user is that whether the profile is fake. Despite the warnings, a few users lose money and a few lose dignity and a lot more lose both, interacting with fake profiles in Facebook. With the robots creating fake profiles, our user base will become multi-fold in a matter of few days. We have decided to shutdown the AI chatbots immediately” the scientist told Faking News.
“Ugly man posing as an young girl, young girl posing as a model, 60+ men with teenage profiles, politicians described as social workers are some of the classic examples of fake profiles. Then there are groups in UK or claim to be in UK, who befriend unknown people and more than willing to travel to meet them. In the immigration always they get stuck and ask the friends to transfer hefty sum to let them into the country – just one of many Facebook scams” the scientist, and possibly a victim of a Facebook scam himself, elaborated on the fake accounts mess that the social media giant is hit with.
“I have never liked Facebook. Had to create a Facebook page purely for business reasons. The kind of scary things in Facebook fake profiles are unimaginable. With robots creating fake profiles and possibly involving in scams, soon you will see a lot of Facebook users transferring money to unidentified numbered accounts without having a clue about the fraud. Even if they find out finally, what can they do to a robot? arrest it?” a reluctant Facebook user and a social media Allergic told Faking News.
In the similar lines, a leading political party in India stopped grooming potential members to legislative assemblies after finding them develop their own brains and switch sides with opposition, it is learnt by Faking News.