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Fair and lovely looking applicant completely screws up his job interview

12, Aug 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Shahid Gorabankar, a 23-year-old unemployed MBA, proved to be a total disaster in his fourth job interview this year when he, filled inexplicably with over confidence and uber coolness, acted like a complete jerk in front of his prospective employers.

Shahid, whose first interview this year was for the post of an assistant sales manager, was being considered for the job of a salesperson this time.

“He was a complete asshole throughout the ten minutes we could endure him. Towards the end of the interview he even had the guts to ask when he could join us. We almost wanted to tell him to fuck off, but we politely said – never ever.” informed a max infuriated and frustrated HR manager, who was on the panel of interviewers and ruing it.

Fair & Lovely
Shahid was max confident and full of attitude for his fourth job interview

According to reports, Shahid was looking very fair and lovely as he had been applying a fairness cream for men for the past few weeks. The cream had allegedly lightened his skin tone by six degrees on some unknown scale, but somehow failed to impart the much needed basic interview skills to the unemployed bloke.

“Yes, he was brimming with max fairness, and max foolishness was overflowing all around him as well. What kind of a job seeker asks his interviewer to take a seat and feel comfortable?” said another visibly irritated interviewer, who advocated blacklisting Shahid for all other future job openings with the company.

Post this debacle, Shahid Gorabankar was distraught and in a state of shock. At 5 feet 3 inches, Shahid was your typical Small, Fair and Lovely man, which according to a ‘trend story’ published in Bombay Times a few days back, was the new Tall, Dark and Handsome, the new definition of ‘desirable men’.

“Those television advertisements, backed by these trend stories in newspapers, had made me utterly confident that I was the man every girl and employer was looking for. I don’t know what went wrong.” lamented Shahid, as he encircled a job advertisement published in Bombay Times, asking for a night-watchman in a housing society.

Latest reports suggest that Shahid had angrily thrown away his tube of fairness cream in the dustbin.