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Families bringing their own paneer to enjoy Pizza Paneer Makhni at Pizza Hut

24, Jul 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. The Paneer Makhni offering of Pizza Hut has turned out to be a big hit among families who are seen enjoying it with the paneer specially brought from home.

Customers latched on to the idea of bringing home paneer after finding them being served with only 2 odd small pieces of Paneer on the base.

“The first time I thought they may have forgotten to add paneer and makhan to the pizza base, but when I ordered it again the next time, I was sure it was some new concept where they just want families to bring their own paneer in order to enjoy this offering,” a regular Pizza Hut customer confirmed.

Paneer Makhni
The delicious Paneer Makhni as served by Pizza Hut.

“But let me tell you the Pizza base that they serve is the most delicious in the world,” he quickly added.

Customers feel Pizza Hut should take this idea to the next level and start serving plain pizza on lines plain dosa served by south Indian restaurants.

“It is a revolutionary idea. It gives me the feeling of having Paneer Makhni without actually eating any paneer,” a figure-conscious model explained how this offering was low on calories.

Pizza Hut management too is ecstatic that it had been able to strike the right chord with this concept.

“Different people have different taste buds. So it is just a precautionary exercise where we are encouraging customers to bring paneer cooked in their own style, so as to avoid any kind of disappointment later,” Paneer Pradhan, general manager Pizza Hut told Faking News.

“We can’t risk a situation where someone barges into our Kitchen and stuffs pizza into our chef’s mouth after being disappointed with the taste or quality,” he added.

He further showed a “thank you” card that was given to him by an engineer who became nostalgic after having Paneer Makhni.

“He became emotional and hugged me tightly for reminding of his hostel days where he would hardly find any paneer in kadai paneer ki sabzi at mess,” Pradhan revealed.

Mothers too are happy with this latest offering by Pizza Hut.

“Now I don’t stop my son from eating at Pizza Hut, since 80% of the stuff that he eats there is home cooked and 100% hygienic,” revealed one such relieved mother.

Meanwhile inspired by Pizza Hut, Lays is planning to officially sell only air in its packets, which will be filled by home cooked chips.