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Facebook to make one final acquisition, to buy NSA

20, Feb 2014 By indianpsycho

California, USA: Instead of collecting information about people and their lives in parts, Facebook has decided to get in entirety by acquiring NSA (National Security Agency) from the US government.

Interestingly, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg thought of this idea while exploring Indian markets.

Sources say the decision was taken when after acquiring WhatsApp, Zuckerberg was relaxing in his suite and stumbled upon an ad on TV that where a girl claimed that “Naye purane ajeeb sajeeb all my friends are on WeChat” and wondered if he made a blunder by acquiring WhatsApp instead.

Zuckerberg while stalking the media.
Zuckerberg while stalking to the media.

“His mood was so down that he didn’t even feel like watching episodes of Bigg Boss that I had downloaded for him,” confirmed his aide.

Recovering from the crappy deal he cracked, Mark realized there was no point in buying subsets of NSA in parts and thought of making one final acquisition by purchasing the NSA.

If reports are to be believed earlier Mark had plans to buy last benches of the school/college classrooms, areas around coffee vending machine in IT companies, and many similar purchases where people spend lot of time discussing some private matters.

He was also thinking of buying Google Plus after WhatsApp but was warned that he would get data and information of only 3 people with that purchase.

So he finally decided against it and realized he can have it all with NSA under its belt.

“While Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. would have given us information about only those who are online, with NSA acquisition we may even have access to people like Aftab Shivdasani and Rahul Roy who are nowhere to be seen these days,” the founder of Facebook told our reporter flashing a ‘V’ sign.

Mark however insisted that it was for better user experience that he is doing all these acquisitions.

Facebook has already sent the proposal for same to Richard Ledgett, Director of NSA and US president Barack Obama, both of whom appeared not very keen to part with their asset.

Not to be bogged down by this unfavorable response, Facebook is now thinking of hiring services of Rajiv Shukla and Amar Singh to negotiate and crack the deal successfully.