Finance Minister proposes 'time pass tax' on those who roam around malls without buying anything

01, Feb 2019 By dasu

New Delhi: Mall owners often complained there are mall goers who comes to mall only for window shopping. “Mall ka free ac ka maja lete hain, free ka washroom use karte hain aur phir chale jaate hain”, said Ashad Phoenix, owner of phoenix mall. They do not even come by their own cars to pay us the meagre parking fee like 250 rupees per hour we charge at my mall. Subke pass Ola aur Ubar ka app hai”.


Addressing to the long-standing demand of mall owners like Ashad, FM has proposed a new tax called “time pass tax” in this budget. “Only thirty minutes of free window shopping is allowed. Beyond that for every ten additional minutes person spends at the mall, they have to spend at least 100 rupees at the mall,” he said.

“Otherwise the person needs to pay 10 rupees tax for every ten minutes they spend at the mall. We will install BHIM app kiosks at the exit gates for this tax collections,” he added.

On the question why this is brought? Mr. Goyal said, “We have to move towards cent percent honest country as we have captured in our 2030 vision document. Like honest tax payers, we need honest mall goers too”.

“I have proposed no income tax up to 5 lakh income, standard deduction going up to 50k, no tax on bank interest up to 40k to put more money in the digital wallets of tax payers. Khao, piyo aur kharido, it will give boost to India’s economy”, said Mr. Goyal.

About non-tax payers, students who goes to mall? “Cigarette aur Maggi ka rate nahin badhaya hai. That’s lot of savings for them”, told Mr. Goyal.

Food kiosks inside malls and multiplexes are elated with this new proposed tax. “What people will get for 100 rupees at the mall expect our samosas and popcorns which we well at a highly subsidized rate of 300 to 500 rupees. Acha hoga itne din ke baat bahut sare customers ka seva karne ka mauka milega. Koi Khali pet ghar wapas nahin jayega”, said Nitesh Shetty owner of a food kiosk at the mall.