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FIR filed against Noida Extension builder for completing project on committed time

14, Nov 2015 By chachachaudhary

Noida. In a shocking incident which has traumatized and shaken the property business  like an epicenter of  an 7.5 Richter  earthquake, a renowned  builder  Shaakaal Singh, who is famous for delaying the possession of newly constructed homes by minimum of 25 years, has delivered his housing scheme on time.

Although Shaakaals Dongrila Construction commits time frame of 3 years, people buying flats from the Mr. Shaakaal Singh  generally expect the flats to be delivered  to their  next generations.

The people who bought flats in Shakaal’s latest scheme were in state of shock when they received their  possession letters last month, within 3 years of project launch. Faking News contacted one such buyer Amol Paglekar. He is the truest manifestation of a heavily burdened common man. He was sobbing  heavily when our correspondent Bonobos met him.

Forever under construction

Wiping his tears, he told Bonobos, “I booked a flat at Mr. Shaakaal’s Dongrila which initially mentioned possession in Oct 2016. I expected the project to be delayed by at least 15 years so than when I get married and have two kids, I can shift at the new house. Plus I would have gone through the  double burden of EMI and current rent which would have led to no savings for next  15 years which would have kept my image of a burdened  common man intact, thus allowing me to question everything in this country.”

“I would have  used the same two pair of clothes, I would have refurbished my shoe sole at least 18 times and would not have taken a holiday. I would have suffered from stress and loads of financial burden which would have normally affected  my health and wellbeing. I would  not have been complacent either at the workspaces and would have taken  any amounts of insults from my boss. I would have been the classical storybook iconic financially burdened Aam Aadmi man with a dream of own house. 25 years down the line few talented filmmakers would have made social movie ‘Ghar Sansaar reloaded’ on my life. Many writers would have written books on my experiences in all those struggling years of mine,” he explained in details what he had planned when he booked the flat.

“Now that the builder has completed the project on time! I would save on existing rent and have surplus cash of 15000 every month which would spoil my image of ‘bechara comman man’. My lifestyle and tastes would automatically upgrade. After that I might have to change my name as well. I would have money for car EMI’s. Now my every dream has been shattered!” he rued.

“What would happen to the filmmakers and writers could have made movies or written books on me? Why did  NGT  did not put objections  this time? Why have the courts become customer friendly instead of builder friendly? I have already filed an FIR against Shakaal Singh for devastating a common mans lifetime dreams by completing the project on time,” he explained why he decided to take the builder to the court for ruining his life.

When Faking News tried to contact another buyer who was admitted to AIIMS trauma center, he was not in a position to talk. We got in touch with his wife regarding his cause of his trauma. She said, “My husband heard the news that our Builder Mr. Shaakaal has sold his fleet of 150 Toyota Fortuners and his 100 kg gold chain  to complete the project on time. From that time only he has not spoken anything.”