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First time buyer searching for 'bargain' option on the e-commerce website

30, Jun 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

E-commerce has transformed the way business is done in India. With attractive and convenient shopping options at the core of the consumer facing business. But it is surely going to take time in penetrating newer markets like the rural areas which have less internet penetration. In an surprising event, a first time e-commerce user in Gorakhpur tried searching for the ‘bargain’ option on an e-commerce website he was surfing.


We are talking about Jagdish Malik who hails from Gorakhpur, and is a big e-commerce fan after learning about the benefits of online shopping. But hailing from a tier 2 city, Jagdish has a habit of bargaining with local retail shops whenever he purchases something, and more often than not comes out happy from the deal.

Recently Jagdish tried his luck at an e-commerce site, where he was surfing for some apparel. Jagdish was happy with the range and diversity of the collections on offer. So much so that he put lot of products in the digital bag, almost his apparel needs for 2-3 years at one go. Everything was going smooth until the checkout option was clicked after which Jagdish dint find the ‘bargain’ option. After spending 2-3 hours on the website and not able to locate the ‘bargain’ button, Jagdish even called up the customer service care to understand, if there exists a glitch in the system. But there was none, to his surprise.

Jagdish even started walking away from the laptop, the way we walk away from a retail store, assuming the storekeeper will call us back to negotiate a deal with us. But the laptop din’t respond. This was when Jagdish lost his cool, and promised he will never return to online shopping. He has even registered a PIL against all E-commerce companies who are not providing the ‘bargain’ button on their websites.