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Five things to do to counter boredom of your monotonous job and to bring excitement to your life

24, Aug 2014 By idiot420

Faking News brings to you five simple ways to add excitement and fun to your otherwise boring office life. Follow them to feel yourself alive, once again.

Yes, you can.

1. Please avoid using bikes, cars and other vehicles for office commute. Instead, buy a horse or an elephant, and if there is some financial trouble, even a pony will do. Reaching office riding on any of these majestic animals with a laptop bag on your back will not only set you apart from the crowd, but will also help in bringing down pollution. Chances are high that your female colleagues will be asking for a lift to take a ride on your horse or elephant.

2. Stop using elevators and stairs, and learn to climb up to your office floor like Spiderman or using ropes. It will be better if you take some mountaineering course. The adrenaline rush caused by getting involved in such adventure task every morning is surely going to cheer you up for the rest of the day. Doing such dangerous act before entering office will also prepare you mentally to take up any possible dangerous project inside office.

3. Request your boss to directly engage in physical fight with you instead of writing cold emails. Try your best to be at the receiving end, as the feeling of getting beaten up badly is quite liberating. And besides that, it will make your boss happy, which is good for your career. This way, your day at office will be unforgettable and worth remembering.

4. Make your life inside office further interesting by changing the way normal things happen. Break traditional rules like sitting on chair while working. Sit on the floor or on the table and take shower in office bathroom. Dance for 2 minutes on a regular interval. After reaching office make yourself comfortable like home; if possible, change your clothes and wear only shorts and vest. These steps will keep you relaxed and will further increase your productivity.

5. No matter how boring your work is, think of it as some kind of secret mission to save the world from getting destroyed. This will give you feel of being a superhero like Superman. Or if your are working for some foreign client, imagine yourself as someone who is representing India and you have to keep national pride intact by giving your best.