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Food blogger stays hungry for a week after not getting invite for free food from any café/restaurant

20, May 2018 By Guest Patrakar
Mumbai: In a shocking incident, a Chembur based food blogger was admitted to a hospital after she had collapsed while boarding the metro from Ghatkopar. The blogger, Sneha, stays alone in her flat and apparently didn’t have any meals in the last one week as no café/restaurant called her for promoting or rating its food.
Food blogging is a new kind of employment, where food bloggers go to different places to eat food and then rate them while posting a detailed description of the food. These bloggers are usually social media influencers and have the potential to affect the customer base and, thus, the revenue of the restaurants. Established food bloggers frequently get invitations from eateries to have special meals at these places and to promote them on social media.
Sneha, one such food blogger, had been getting invitations from various cafés and restaurants for the past one year and there had not been a single day when she did not get an invite. Consequently, she got into the habit of going out for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. This was the first time when none of the cafés invited her as most of them were busy revising their rate cards due to GST.
Faking News reporter spoke to Dr. Sanjeev Agrawal, who did Sneha’s preliminary check-up. Dr. Sanjeev said, “Sneha had collapsed due to fatigue and she’s getting weaker by the day. We tried to feed her normally but she refused, hence we had to give her a glucose drip. I don’t know what youngsters are up to these days. They need to understand that the junk and unhealthy food being served in restaurants is damaging their body”. The doctor, soon after this statement, ordered his office boy to get him two vada pavs.