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Frustrated salesman beats up man who refused to buy a shirt even after 15 trials

10, Mar 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. In a shocking incident, Manohar Thakur, a salesman of an apparel showroom in Connaught Place has beaten up a customer who refused to buy shirt ever after trying 15 different shirts.

Victim of Manohar’s emotional outburst was Sundar Sharma, a Pitampura resident, who reached the showroom searching for a “perfect shirt”.

Perfect shirts are myth

“I showed him all kind of shirts, in different colors and designs, he tried 15 of them. He hijacked one of the changing room for a couple of hours, and at last, he shamelessly said, kuchh jam nahi raha,” Manohar recalled yesterday’s incident.

Having spent over 2 hours, hoping he’d get some commission, Manohar lost his cool when he realized that the entire time was a “perfect waste”. That’s when he started beating Sundar.

“I know what I did was wrong, but I was provoked,” the salesman claimed, “These guys with KRK body come and hope that they will start looking like SRK or Hrithik just by wearing a shirt. shirt kya kar lega.

According to the onlookers, even while beating up Sundar, Manohar was constantly trying to pursue him to buy a shirt.

Le le saale, he was saying while giving him blows,” claimed a person who recorded the full video on his mobile phone and who is confident that the clip will go viral on YouTube very soon.

Another eyewitness, who shockingly tried to stop the fight, claims that the salesman was arguing “If the color is little bright or light or the checks are not that big or the stripe on shirt is not blue, nobody gives a damn you idiot. Pick up a shirt and get lost.” while bashing Sundar.

However, Sundar has his own reasons to justify his two hours in changing room.

“What could I have done? Shirts’ color and design were not suiting me. If I am going to wear such shirt, leave my close pals and my family members, what will strangers on road and inside metro think of me?” wondered Sundar.

A friend of Sundar, who was accompanying him while shopping, revealed that he “okayed” the second shirt that Manohar showed to Sundar. “It could have been avoided, had Sundar taken my advice seriously,” the friend told Faking News, trying his best to control his laughter.

Meanwhile the showroom management has apologized for the salesman behavior. However, they have asked Sundar to pay up “rent” for occupying 10 square feet of premium real estate for over 2 hours.