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'Going Supremely Transparent', centre coins new expansion for GST

23, Jun 2017 By RT

New Delhi. With the implementation of GST just a fortnight away, the central government has come up with a new definition for the tax reformation, it is learnt by Faking News. The expansion goes on to say, ‘Going Supremely Transparent’, reflecting the NDA government’s functioning, a senior BJP spokesperson told Faking News.

“For the auditors and tax consultants, it will probably remain as ‘Goods and Services Tax’. For a common man, it is transparent. How ‘Good’ it is and how much ‘Service’ it would do to all in India is something people will learn in the coming months. By 2020, we will iron out any wrinkles that are out there,” the BJP spokesperson elaborated on the simplicity and the transparency levels of GST.

“Government runs on Tax Payer’s money. Taking money indirectly from them is something we hate. Our government is only for development. We announced earlier that high value currencies are invalid. With GST, we are taking a step forward. People do not have to worry about high value currencies anymore. GST will take care of it. Anyone who is asking to know the benefits of demonetization will now ask for the benefits of GST and the game goes on,” the BJP spokesperson added with a smile.

“They have carefully chosen the committee that decides on the GST rates on goods and services. For every rate decision, there is a hidden agenda. Nothing is transparent. We are still confused as to what things are considered as Goods, what are Services and what are Goods and at the same time considered as Services too! It is all complex,” a member of opposition told Faking News.

Meanwhile, online customers who are used to flash sales, are looking at GST rates to see if goods with transparent front like mobile phones, cameras and photo chromatic sun glasses are any cheaper post midnight on June 30th, it is learnt by Faking News.