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Google to launch Google Paanwala as a counterpart to Google Maps in India

08, Jun 2017 By Akash Vadera

Google is all set to launch Google Paanwala this year in India. It would be a counterpart to its existing Google Maps, but better. Google recently had organized a press conference last Saturday where Sundar Pichai, gave out details about their new venture.

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He stated “For quite a long time, we were planning to launch something like Google Paanwala. Since I am from India, I know how crowded and confusing our streets can get. There have been instances in the past when Google Maps had crashed when the destination was a home in Dharavi. I knew Google Maps would work very well abroad, but we would require something much more advanced in India”. When asked how Google got the idea to launch Google Paanwala, he answered “Last year, I was visiting Mumbai. I was using Google Maps to reach a destination, but to my surprise, Google Maps was showing the destination in the middle of the sea. Obviously, there was something wrong because the fastest mode of transport it was showing was by walking. It was after 15 minutes that I realised, I had signed in using my alternate email ID and that’s why it thought I could walk on water. I logged out of it and decided to look for other options. It was that moment when my eyes fell on a paan shop” he says. “I asked the paanwala whether he knew where the destination was and he replied within 15 milliseconds ‘Aage se right’. I was convinced then and there that I should definitely innovate something out of this. And then happened Google Paanwala”.

He further added “Google Paanwala will come with many features like ‘Aage se right’, ‘Do galli chodke left’ ‘Aage wale signal se u-turn, fir u-turn, fir u-turn aur fir left’ and many more. We began testing our prototypes earlier this year. There were some minor bugs like ‘Aage puchlo’ and ‘Paan loge to bataunga’, but we have rectified those in the final version. When asked whether Google Paanwala would be compatible with all users, he replied ‘Yes definitely. Google Paanwala will be available on all Paan Shops. We initially faced some problems with Google Paanwala in Mumbai due to a bug called MNS, but we have rectified it. Google Paanwala will be available in ALL Paan Shops.” He says.

“So remember, if you’re in India and if Google Maps can’t lead you to your destination, Google Paanwala will” as he signs off asking directions to airport to a roadside Google Paanwala.