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Govt plans demonetization after stampede-like situation at IKEA store by people who have still not learned to stand in a queue

28, Aug 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Hyderabad: About 40,000 people visited IKEA’s first India store on its opening day. The store’s opening saw a stampede-like situation. About 10,000 customers had visited the store by 4 pm but the crowds swelled later as thousands of techies headed to the place while returning home from offices. The situation makes us believe that we have still not learned anything from demonetization. We still don’t know how to behave in a queue and sometimes how to form a queue.


Arun Jaitley who just took over the Finance office after a long gap has been given the task of again going for a demonetization round to teach people how to stand in a queue. Arun Jaitley was instrumental in the first round on Nov 8, 2016. The government has formed a committee to decide which notes should be banned this time. They are open to suggestion also. The 20 Rs note is the one people are recommending should be banned as the color is not exciting enough.

The government is sure that an exercise like the previous one will teach people how to stand in a queue. This time though the exercise will be stricter and only a few ATMs will dispense money. This is done to make long queues outside the ATMs and subsequently people learning how to stand in a queue.

As soon as this news spread in Hyderabad, people were seen forming queues outside IKEA to show to the government that they don’t need another round of demonetization. Some of the people who were caught on CCTV cameras during the opening of the store, breaking lines and creating havoc have sent apology letters to the finance ministry that they will not repeat the incident.