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Govt to take Sachin's help to make sure Petrol prices don't jump from 85 to 100 rapidly

24, May 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

A cut in oil prices looked imminent on Tuesday with the government busy crunching numbers for reducing the excise duty on motor fuels and looking at alternatives to soften the blow from bubbling crude as petrol and diesel prices notched up fresh records at Rs 76.87 and Rs 68.08 a litre. Price in Mumbai is already touching 85 and people are worried that it will soon reach 100.


Dharmendra Pradhan, the petroleum minister is aware of the problem and now has an innovative plan to tackle the problem. He has decided to take advise from Sachin Tendulkar to stop the petrol prices in the nervous nineties. Sachin had a problem with the nervous nineties where he lost his wicket many times and now the government wants to use this expertise. Sachin will sit with the Petroleum executives to discuss how to instill that nervousness into the petrol prices. Advise will also be taken from MS Dhoni to make sure the prices rise slowly just like his strike rate in recent games.

Currently, the petrol price is burning a hole in the pocket of customers and many have stopped using their private vehicle, except Gurgaon and Noida where people buy more cars when the price of Petrol increases. Now all eyes are on Sachin Tendulkar to fil the country with happiness again like the way he did in his playing days. Cutting down state taxes and excise duty on petrol will be tried once the Sachin formula fails. We can only wait and watch if Petrol reaches 100 first on Dhoni’s strike rate in the next match.