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Greedy in-laws change dowry demand, want it now in bitcoins

05, Dec 2017 By dasu

Hyderabad: Prakash Reddy’s marriage with Urmila has been put on hold. Hardly four weeks before marriage, parents of Prakash are demanding dowry money in terms of bitcoins.


“Earlier they agreed to take it in equal proportions of cash, land and gold. Now they are asking all the dowry money in terms of bitcoins. They have put up a demand of minimum 100 bitcoins, otherwise Prakash will not put the garland around Urmila’s neck”, said one of the Urmila’s uncle.

“First of all, we did not know anything about bitcoins. My son who works in a bank told me 100 bitcoins today means more than 7 crores in cash. He also warned us to purchase it quickly if we want because it can go up to 10 percent in a day. If we have sell everything to buy Prakash, we cannot because 100 bitcoins will cost us 20 crores in a month, who knows”, said P. Ramamurthy, Urmila’s uncle.

He added, “Listening to this bitcoin demand my sister & brother-in-law (Urmila’s parents) have gone in to depression. They are not eating properly, or getting any proper sleep”.

Mr. Ramamurthy added, “I cannot imagine Prakash’ parents will become this much greedy, worse than bitcoin investors. Not only they want good money from us, they want to buy something which gives them ultra-high return, completely unregulated so IT department cannot catch them”.

“I have told Urmila’s parents to stop all this nonsense. Urmila is working, well-educated. If Prakash comes forward without expecting anything, let’s go ahead. Maximum we can give him some unused Sodexo coupons that is lying unused and will expire end of this month. Otherwise let him garland some bitcoin-wali and be happy”, said P. Ramamurthy.