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Greek PM appoints Vijay Mallya as his new Finance Minister

05, Jul 2015 By George BoreWell

Athens: Amid growing pressure from creditors to accept the terms of the bailout, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipiras sought help from Vijay Mallya to help him with the negotiations. After announcing a referendum, the PM also made an announcement regarding the appointment of Mr. Mallya as the new finance minister.

Vijay Mallaya, the new Finance Minister of Greece
Vijay Mallaya, the new Finance Minister of Greece

After wrapping-up Kingfisher airline and losing control of other businesses, Mr. Mallya updated his resume on Kingfisher Airlines saga was the key achievement of Mr. Mallya, according to his resume on the job portal. Mr. Tsipras also happened to be looking for a job on the same website as a backup to his current role.

It is learnt that Mr. Tsipras wanted to join Indian politics as he felt that his key skill of making big promises will come handy in a place like India. Both of them attended an interview in Bangalore where they met and spoke about issues in their lives. Mr. Tsipras felt that only Mr. Mallya can save his career and Greece, and they sealed a deal.

As a part of the deal, Mr. Mallya will actively oversee negotiations with the creditors. His job is to stretch them as long as possible and not pay them anyway. To appease creditors, he also plans to introduce a calendar with pictures of them on it, only if he can keep the job till the New Year. However, our correspondent from Greece told us that the Greeks are not keen on the deal as the reputation of Mr. Mallya as well as Kingfisher is not exactly good abroad. Due to the current tug-of-war with the EU, Greeks are not left with too many options.

Since Mallya’s job is to not to pay the creditors, Greece’s exit from EU is eminent. Thus, he will be paid 1 trillion drachma’s which is expected to be enough to buy a bottle of extra virgin olive oil for a relaxing massage. Moreover, he will be given a yacht to sail in the Mediterranean if he manages to lead Greece to default.

However, fuel for the yacht will remain an issue as Greece would not afford to import dollar or Euro denominated fuel after defaulting on debt. Since Mallya’s Kingfisher Villa in Goa is likely to be seized by his lenders, Tsipras has also offered a Mediterranean Villa to Mallya. Amid a slowdown, Greece’s property market has crashed and the original owner of the villa has defaulted on his mortgage. Mr. Tsipras will personally offer advice to Mr. Mallya on how to make false promises and how not to buy expensive gifts like Air Sahara on son’s birthday.