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Guy becomes millionaire after selling unreturned pen drives; had borrowed more than 5000 pen drives from friends

09, Feb 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. People visiting the Bermuda triangle and friends taking your pen drive are one and the same thing. Both things never return. Shwetank Srivastav, a Mumbai college goer became a millionaire by selling 5000 pen drives each costing a huge amount as it had a story attached to it.


Shwetank has been a pen drive borrower ever since he had a liking for the device. He had first collected a pen drive with 32 MB storage space and then gradually increased it to 1 TB recently. Every time he needed to store data he would borrow a pen drive from a friend. But he never returned a pen drive.

He is the Vijay Mallya of Engineering students. He always found reasons to not return a pen drive. And his bad habit paid off. He recently sold all his pen drives to a tech company who was looking for antique storage devices which Shwetank had in plenty.

Shwetank has vowed that he will never borrow any pen drives anymore and will, in fact, start his own company which will manufacture storage devices for the future generation and for that he has plenty of money with him, thanks to all the pen drives that he sold.